Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Architecture of Density

Michael Wolf's series Architecture of Density captures the dense living conditions of Hong Kong.

Cloudscapes by Carolyn Marks Blackwood

Fine art photographer Carolyn Markes Blackwood shot these images in the Hudson Valley where she lives. Such a gorgeous series! Check out more of her work on her website.

Glenn ligon yah bishhh

Glenn ligon is probably labeled as a multi-disciplinary artist, works in a lot of different mediums. Mostly address the idea of identity when referring to race.

Nick @ Knight-hahaha see what I did there? No? Ok

Knight is the name!!!Nick knight is a fashion photographer. Works with gaga a lot. I find his work interesting because its going beyond the commercial aspects and dealing with issues of identity, regarding sexual preference. 

Artist unknown

Monday, May 6, 2013


Might as well take advantage of this thing and promote my website that I'm in the middle of putting together. Check it out, if ya feel like it:  http://kat-schneider.com/

Also if anyone on here needs help putting together a simple portfolio website, I'm a little bit of a web design geek and I might be able to help you out with designing it! Let me know.

Abandoned Places

Here's a link to a series of images of abandoned schools, that are really quite interesting. This site also has other series including images of abandoned planes and over all places. They are quite eerie. check them out!

also browse the site because they seem to have lots of cool topics and you can check by region!

Portraits of Boston

Similar to my post about Humans of New York... here we have Portraits of Boston. 


Heres a link to a photo blog that i follow on tumblr.

He does a lot of street photography a long with some commercial work. Overall there is a wide variety of subject matter within his images.
Inspiring work, but also just something new for your dashboard!

Riitta Päiväläinen

"Finnish photographer Riitta Päiväläinen uses discarded clothing from second-hand shops and flea markets to carry silent, unknown stories and histories.  By freezing the garment or letting the wind fill it with air, she is able to create a sculptural space, which reminds her of its former user. 
“The unavoidable fact that I will never know the actual story and personal histories connected with the clothes arouses my curiosity. The clothes remain silent, withholding their secrets. Little by little, personal histories are absorbed into the collective history.” "

-it's an interesting concept, and I love the accompanying images:

Day 19

Day 19 is the photography of Jeremy and Claire Weiss, photographers from California. I really enjoy their work because it feels so young and always has a lot of energy. See more at: http://www.day19.com/

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Steven Murray

 As one of Australia's leading photographers in the beauty and portraiture industry, Steven Murray has led an expansive career over the past 13 years, shooting for magazines including GQ, Oyster, Noise and Black and White. As well as editorial his talent and imagery can be seen in major international and national advertising campaigns for companies such as Australian Wool Corporation, Goldwell, Samsung, Virgin Australia & Country Road.

 Elegantly styled, Steven Murray's images are luscious, strong and imaginative, reflecting his passion for bringing out the beauty of every subject and situation. Through his work. Steven strives to capture an intimacy which will connect with the viewer.
Steven's cinematic style and his on set experience shooting stills for George Miller's Platinum Visa, Samsung and LG Mobile has helped him extend his talents to TVCs where he recently directed campaigns for Procter and Gamble & Nutrimetics.

Kyle Thompson

I found this guys work on tumblr a couple months back and I couldn't believe that he is only 21. He's from the Chicago area and his work is amazing. 

A Photo Editor

Aphotoeditor.com is a photo blog that pulls together today's best photography in publication: A Photo Editor. It is curated by the former director of photography for Outdoor magazine and Men's Journal. Check it out!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dream- Scape Double Exposures

Here is a link to a photographer that i've been looking at who makes double exposure images. They are a mix of portraits and landscapes! beautiful work!

Because im a Photo Manipulation Nut...

Examples of some intense photo manipulation...

One of the Coolest Things I Have Ever Seen!


The coolest way to take a picture...ever...

Alex Stoddard


Came across this kid a while ago! Check out his work.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Phill Mamula

This guy is one of my favorite photographers and has been a huge inspiration...here's his work...


For Those of you Who are Interested in Fashion....Some Editing Tutorials!

Editing Tutorials

Photoshop Effects!

These are some awesome photoshop editing filters and FX you should try out!

Awesome Photo Manipulation Tutorial


Friday, May 3, 2013

Humas of New York

My roommate recently showed me this guys work. He has a project called "Humans of New York" and he literally just takes pictures of people in NY. He also adds a little caption of parts of the conversation he had with these people. It's really interesting! This project is also on Facebook


shimon attie- for those interested in projection

These images were done by Shimon Attie. He lectured at the douglass campus center a few months back and I thought his stuff was amazing. Not only is he addressing the modernization of an environment, he is also addressing the overall changes that history has made through photographs.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Double Exposure Portraits

This is similar to what Lauren did as her final!
I just found this on tumblr and I couldn't seem to find the original source but the photographer is a Portland-based wedding photographer and her wedding stuff seems cool too!

Original post:

Photographer's website

William christenberry

William christenberry, mostly takes pictures of abandon shake house. This was the artist I was looking at while doing the work for the exhibition.

Unknown artist ish

I don't know who is the artist but these images have been saved in my iPad for a very long time. It may be projections on to their bodies.

Lonnie graham

This is lonnie graham, he is an African American photographer. Really great lighting technique for these portraits